• Fulfillment of a total community care function which ensures the provision of the highest standards of care possible with the resources available.
  • Regular evaluation of these services will be carried out.

  • Making provision for the education of staff, patients and the community for the promotion of health, prevention of disease and the improvement of patient care.
  • Encouragement of staff development by fostering a climate conducive to the professional development and fulfillment of individual staff potential.

    Patient Care

  • Provide the concept of total care, ensuring that the individual needs of the community are met within the available facilities and resources of the institution.
  • Provide appropriate acute and emergency long-term care for the community of Heywood and district.
  • Act as a referral agency to other health facilities, where appropriate, after initial assessment.
  • Provide a safe and secure health service environment.
  • Employ adequate numbers of appropriately qualified and experienced staff to maintain high quality care.

    Staff Education and Development Program

  • Provide and encourage participation in educational programs for all levels of staff.
  • Acknowledge the worth of the staff and maintain a climate conducive to the statement of job satisfaction.

  • Residential Aged Care

  • To provide a safe and secure aged care residential program, which values the privacy, individuality and independence of residents.

    Community Health Program:

  • To provide domiciliary and supportive care.
  • Follow up of discharged hospital patients.
  • To provide counseling and crisis intervention.
  • To support other welfare agencies in case of natural or other disaster.
  • To work in liaison with other agencies.
  • To provide ongoing education and information necessary to promote the healthier lifestyle.
  • To support local schools in implementation of health policy programs.

  • Heywood Rural Health I 21 Barclay St. Heywood 3304 I Phone 03-55270555